Odds and Ends Gallery

                                               Byron Nelson, Raymond Gafford, Ben Hogan
                                                            (Jan. 22, 1914-Feb. 20, 1990)
Raymond Gafford, center, was a huge influence in my development as a teacher and player.  I spent many afternoons on the practice tee with Raymond at both Shady Oaks and Ridglea Country Club in Fort Worth.  Raymond played the TOUR in the days of Hogan and Nelson and was head professional at Ridglea CC from 1937-1950 then again from 1954-1976. From 1950-1954 he was the head professional at Northwood CC in  Dallas which hosted a U.S. Open.   He instructed numerous players from the PGA and LPGA TOUR and is a member of the Texas Golf Hall of Fame.  Raymond played in 14 U.S. Opens, 5 PGA's, and 2 Masters.  I share many of his "secrets" with my students today.

                                                                      Matty Reed

Matty Reed from Fort Worth, had a golf club collection numbering over 40,000!  I spent many hours with Matty and I loved talking golf and listening to all the stories he had to tell.  He grew up playing with Hogan and Nelson but did not turn pro as they did.  He claimed to have won several dollars from the boys!  I still have a 1945 MacGregor 653 driver I got from him in 1982.  He had a collection of persimmon woods that was second to none.  In fact when the Colonial was going on, many TOUR players would visit Matty just to see his collection and try to buy or trade for one of his many jewels.
He kept his "good" stuff hidden away, but I was fortunate to look into the vault!

                                        Here I am pictured at Tubac Resort near Tucson, AZ                                 

Cows on the 10th tee are part of the experience and you have to watch where you step.  We were having a "stare" down but I wasn't going to hit my tee shot until she went the other way! 

Just a couple of interested spectators at the Barton Creek Golf Academy.

This was an actual shot I hit in 1978.  I was playing with one of the other assistant professionals at Horseshoe Bay Resort and he thought it was funny and snapped this picture. 

Sunset over the Laguna Madre in South Padre Island, TX
This was a beautiful ending to a great, weeklong, golf trip to South Padre Island.  There are quite a few fun courses within an hour's drive of the island.  I really enjoy playing the South Padre Island Golf Club and competed in the Texas Senior Open there many times.  I also enjoy playing Rancho Viejo which is about 40 minutes away from the island.  Rancho Viejo has two golf courses (El Angel and El Diablo) and not many folks know the PGA TOUR Q-School was hosted there in the 1970's.

This picture was taken in 1997.  It's hard to believe there was this much snow/sleet in The Woodlands, TX.  The lake by number one tee in the background was frozen so solid you could almost walk on it! 

I was with a student in the summer of 2015 and this blue parakeet landed on his back during the lesson.  He didn't know what hit him so I looked and this little fellow was clinging to his back.  He was quite tame as I gently removed him and he posed for pictures. 

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