Short Game Programs

Short Game Instruction Programs

The fastest way to improve your handicap and enjoyment of the game is by improving your short game.  The area within 60 yards of the green including putting is where the pro's make their money.

I have several short game improvement programs which are designed with your current experience level and future goals in mind.  These programs fit the beginner to the most experienced player.

The "Scoring Zone" Short Game Excellence Program

The Scoring Zone is the grid within 60 yards of the green and includes putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots.  Shots can be saved in this area by improving your mental outlook, club selection and execution.  This program is designed for the intermediate to experienced player.

The Scoring Zone is a six hour course (private instruction) which includes evaluation and instruction designed to excel your improvement.

The Scoring Zone Itinerary 
  • Short game evaluation utilizing a skills test to determine your current short game handicap.  By assigning a short game handicap we can properly measure your success and organize instruction around your needs.  I will also evaluate your wedges and help you determine the lofts needed to fill in your set.  If you only have a pitching wedge and sand wedge, you are costing yourself strokes.
  • Putting- We will use training aids to improve your set up, distance control, path and impact.  In addition you will learn mental techniques which will help you MAKE more putts!  I will show you a putting game which will make your practice sessions more fun and beneficial.
  • Chipping- You will learn a technique which helps you focus on the landing zone and I will provide the formula to determine which club will chip it close every time!
  • Pitching- I will show you how to hit the easiest pitch shot for the situation.  You don't always have to hit it high.  This will save you strokes!
  • Bunker Shots- You will lose your fear of being in the bunker as I will provide you a technique which is easy to learn.
  • Follow up Skills Test to measure your improvement and review your new techniques.
  • In addition to the instruction, you will receive notes with pictures summarizing each session.
 The instruction sessions will be held at the Barton Creek Golf Academy.

Have a Sensational Short Game

This is a three lesson package designed to help you develop a new mental approach and techniques which will help you see and feel your way to better scores.  We will cover putting, chipping, pitching, bunker and specialty shots.  In addition I will evaluate your equipment and make sure you have the right tools for the job.  You will receive notes with pictures following each session.

This program may be conducted in one, 3 hour session.

Wedges Only Short Game Solutions

As the title indicates, this is a three hour comprehensive class all about wedges.  Short Game Solutions is a TOUR proven program designed for the very experienced player (single digit handicap) or up and coming high school or college player.

These are the four situations which will be instructed in each class:

a.  0-19 yards from the edge of the green
b.  20-60 yards distance control
c.  Green side bunker shots and flop shots
d.  Full wedge shots from 60-115 yards

It is highly recommended you have the correct wedge set make up to get the full benefit from this program.  Besides your pitching wedge, you will need three additional wedges with consistent loft differences.  With the loft of most pitching wedges being somewhere between 45-47 degrees, following are recommendations:

a.  50, 54, 58 degree set make up
b.  52, 56, 60 degree set make up

You may have lofts which vary by a degree from these and that is fine as long as there are no 6 degree differences in lofts.

This program is best suited to one, 3 hour session.  You will be provided a handbook to follow and for future reference. 

Precision Putting

This is a two hour session.  I am certified to teach the 4 Elements of Putting developed by Eyeline Golf.  We will employ the use of the latest training aids and drills which will improve your set up, path, impact and speed control of your putts.  In addition, you will learn how to improve your green reading skills and mental approach which will have you making more putts.  Training aids I use during Precision Putting may be purchased by clicking on the Eyeline Golf logo on the main page.

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